With the Internet revolution and the presence of channels to highlight youth creativity through it, and the revolution of social media such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, the doors were opened for young people to show their creativity and express their opinions and ideas freely and objectively.
“Over the Gentlemen” is a satirical comedy program that is broadcast through the Fawq Al-Sada channel on YouTube. The number of viewers exceeded one million. It was executed, produced and directed by a group of young people who wished to present their concerns and issues in a sarcastic way to address the concerns and aspirations of the Jordanian street in a committed and conscious manner.
Nasser Jaaroun, one of the program’s executors and the owner of the idea, says that the name came from a coffee under the middle above the middle. So we said that it is above the gentlemen. The program’s launch at the end of the fifth month of last year through an idea that I proposed to my brother Yusef. “Ahmed Marian” My idea was that colleague Ahmed Ghanem “Abu Al-Gour” was the right person to complete the idea of ​​this project and expressed his admiration for the idea, and finally, colleague Muhammad Zaghoul, the fifth person who encouraged the idea, and from here a working group was formed above the gentlemen, or as they call themselves “the 350 youth.” Relative to their first monthly salary
About the beginnings of “Above the Gentlemen”, Ahmad Ghanem, nicknamed Babu Al-Ghor, the main actor, says after the publication of our first episode that met with a large percentage of viewers through YouTube, and now we have ten core episodes that discuss issues and topics from the reality of Jordanian society (such as Subhi, Google and Tashkeel. The government and the personality of Abu Khanjar in the cycle of university violence.
And Ghanem added, we made Ramadan sketches aimed at raising awareness and getting rid of some bad habits. Young men are above masters who do not work in the media field, but have many practical backgrounds. We work in various fields, such as information technology and others.
A group of youth over the gentlemen consists of six young men: Nasser Ja`aroun major in computer science, Youssef Jaaroun specializing in genetic engineering, Ahmed Ghanem nicknamed “Abu Al-Gour” specializing in computer information systems, Muhammad Zaghoul nicknamed “Aznakh one” graduated in computer information systems, Hamza The invasion specializes in management information systems, Ahmed Marian, nicknamed “Abu Mayada”, specialized in genetic engineering.
Hamzah Al-Ghazouz confirms that the real support and encouragement of our families from our families and their contribution to the costs led to the support of the idea and the project, pointing out that our equipment is simple, including a camera and lighting, “What do we go into with photography and directing” Our background Information technology and genetics After we faced these difficulties, we tried to find a suitable solution, So we sought the help of one of our colleagues, who is a photography hobbyist, who helped us in the filming process, and we also searched on the Internet for information about acting, directing, and lighting … and those who watch our episodes can notice the difference between the first and last episode. Then we presented our idea in the Oasis 500 company, which is an institution supported by the King Abdullah Fund. The development aims to help the entrepreneurial companies and we presented a business plan that qualified us to obtain simple support to establish a company above the gentlemen, “a creative Arab community” to manage websites and develop any youth talent for anyone and be above the platform that any person with talent can launch his talent through it to enrich Arabic content with ideas, poetry, talents, and our slogan after establishing the company: “With us … your talent is the sugar of your life.”
Regarding the future goal of above the masters, the invasion says, our goal is to reach the largest number of people, enlarge and develop our company and produce other programs.

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