a creative Arab society bearing the slogan “Your talent is the sugar of your life”

Eleven young men are the number of the “above the gentlemen” program, all of them are young Jordanians of the age of roses, from a variety of academic backgrounds, between information technology and genetic engineering.

The team of a program is above the gentlemen, or what was initially known as “youth 350” relative to the first salary they were paid or even received by the Jordanian young man in general in the labor market. They examined the problems of their generation and their society from a different perspective. They adopted comic comedy in paragraphs that formed a program that young people follow, as it simulates the reality of the situation .

Young people whom Al-Dustour met say that the goal behind forming the team and then the program with its various paragraphs is for every young person to feel that what is meant by the message to be broadcast is personally, and that it asks him to interact with the issue at hand in a comic format close to people’s daily lives, but rather a reflection to her.

Young men above the gentlemen confirm that the paragraphs that came with names such as “This is our case, one sore, a psychiatrist, and Abu Mayada, and of course you are in Jordan. I want her to shed light on a defect and a certain phenomenon through a strange name that no one invented before them and he is above the gentlemen.

An idea over the gentlemen began with Nasser Jaroun, then he proposed it to his brother Yusef Jaaroun, then Ahmed Marian “Abu Mayada” and Hamza al-Ghazah and Ahmad Ghanem “Abu al-Ghor”. Today we see the list lengthening and the paragraphs and developing with the joining of Jihad Lahlouh and Moaz al-Bazour, and other presenters and writers.

reason of calling

Coffee, a common denominator for Arab people, and for childhood and school friends, the name came from the gentlemen coffee and they took from its cups as a slogan for their program.

The team explained that “Above the Gentlemen” is a company that works to increase Arabic content on the “Internet” and also seeks to discover new talents among the youth.

The team members added that the idea of ​​the comedy program that began broadcasting via YouTube and then presented on a satellite screen a vision during the last month of Ramadan, tried to show and highlight societal problems and issues in a new and different youthful way, such as driving cars, Tawjihi exams, standing in line, and other life matters.

Other projects

After the team achieved success, the most prominent sign of which was the harvest of two and a half million viewers on YouTube, the goal of encouraging Jordanian youth to highlight their talents in writing, acting and photography became among the team’s priorities, as the company aims to produce more various programs, in addition to focusing on Discovering new talents and making the masters a platform from which talent ascends and stands out.

Among the programs presented by the team are the “Clear Disturb” program, which is a news program that presents news in a satirical manner, and the “Last Page” program, which is a silent program that talks about different topics and issues in a distinctive way.

the new media

The organizers of the “Over the Sovereigns” program do not deny the role of “new media” with its social media tools by highlighting their talent. Rather, the team admits that “had it not been for the presence of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, the team would not have achieved such success as the one in which it is living today.”

The team members attributed this to the ease with which young people are informed of these sites, but rather their continuous interaction with them through direct reactions by writing comments on what is presented.

Over the Sada team is proud that they are among the first people in Jordan and the Arab world to use these platforms to present their work.

Who supports “above masters”

To that, a team over the gentlemen assured that support is the basis of success, and it is continuous support from parents, friends and people who follow the program and communicate with its members from the beginning of the company’s career.

Who are “above the gentlemen”?

The “Over the Gentlemen” team is young people who are eager to show their creativity into existence, through the innovations they are making in terms of awareness and promotion of ideas of love. The gentlemen), Ahmed Marian – Abu Mayada (the character of the poet in the above the gentlemen program), and Youssef Jaaroun – (the character of the ideal young man in the above the gentlemen program), and Hamzah Al-Ghazwa – (Abu Al-Saeed, the expert in Jordanian terminology in the program above the gentlemen), and Jihad Lahlouh – Subhi Google, who (creates solutions to problems in an over the sirs program), Moath Bazour – the presenter of an obvious jamming program (produced by Above Al Sada), Lance Kiwan – (the author of the last page program), Raad Al Zoubi – (graphic designer), and Nasser Jaaroun – (founder Idea over the sirs), and Muhammad Ja`aroun – (co-founder of Above Al-Sada), in addition to the participation of some people in acting and writing, including: Essam Al-Ghanim, Nasir Hijazi, and Muhammad Al-Badawi.