“Fooq Alsada” in “applied sciences”

Amman – The Applied Science Private University hosted on Wednesday 11/23/2016 a team working for the two comedy programs above the gentlemen and clear confusion organized by the College of Information Technology at the university to talk about their personal experience from the beginning until their superiority in the field of Jordanian comedy.

In the presence of hundreds of students at the Conference Palace on the university campus. The team began its conversation by thanking the university administration represented by its president, Prof. Dr. Mahfouz Judeh, for hosting them and providing the university students with the opportunity to learn about the success story of the “Fawq Al-Sada” company, which produced clear distortion programs, above the gentlemen, Chex Show, Clay and Bidya, and the Saad program.

Prof. Dr. Mahfouz Juda explained that the Applied Science Private University believes in absolute faith in youth talent, and this hosting of the team came as a model for successful and ambitious Jordanian youth, and to introduce students to the importance of their role in society and that the keys to their success may be in their hands sometimes and they only have to direct their energies towards positive thinking and creativity.

Nasser Jaaroun, CEO of Fooq Al-Sada Company, said that the beginning of their work before the establishment of the company began with a cycle of the program (Fawq Al-Sada) in 2011, then the idea of ​​establishing the company, which bears the same name as the program, was launched with the support of Oasis 500.

He added that the programs “Above the Gentlemen” and “Clear Confusion” were first shown on YouTube, and then the Ruya channel adopted them on its screen.

My program is above the gentlemen and there is clear confusion. They are a case of a renewed Jordanian youth creativity that puts the reality of the Jordanian street in a satirical comic mold, and the team members are: “Nasser Jaaroun and his twin Yusef Jaroun, Muhammad Al-Zaghoul, Moaz Al-Bazour, Hamza Al-Ghazour.

The event was attended by Vice President Prof. Dr.. Samiha Jarrah, Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies, Dr. Suzan Abdel, Dean of the College of Information Technology, Dr. Mohammed Hijjawi, faculty members and hundreds of students from various university colleges and the local community.